Top tip for buyers: Give CLEAR instructions!


The most ANNOYING!! thing is when buyers do not provide the seller with clear instructions. Minimal instructions are not going to cut it! Sellers are not mind readers - we will deliver exactly what you ask. So please don’t throw a fit when we didn’t do this one thing you never even told us to do, lol.

Bottom line: Buyers should take the time to give sellers crystal clear instructions on what they expect from the order. Requests should be reasonable and should reflect the amount paid for the gig. If requests are larger than the amount paid, buyers should compensate. Sellers only get $4 for every gig ($1 goes to Fiverr) - keep this in mind when ordering.

  • Megan


buyer - I want a logo for garage. any color is ok

seller - here is it

buyer - why you create a car icon? This is a bike service center

seller - Why don’t you said 1st?

buyer - i paid you $5, you have to create NOW

seller - Here is the logo with a bike icon

buyer - We change our mind, want logo with a jeep

seller - Please order a gig again

buyer - i already paid, u want me to give a negative?

This is how it end!


Reply to @cybercube: LOL oh my gosh that is exactly what happens!! I wish sellers had more rights than buyers :frowning: It seems like buyers have all the power which is so unfair!


Reply to @cybercube: ask CS to cancel this order and do not accept orders from this buyer anymore… this is my opinion…


Reply to @sincerelymegan: Its sad when buyers think one gig mean Lifetime work


Reply to @mark74: Got 3 orders like this and create near 5 logos to make them happy… Finally got a positive anyway


I think that the key is in qualifying questions and clear expectations. As a seller, we all have the chance to provide instructions to the buyer. These are the qualifying questions that will help us determine how to complete the service.

Even with the qualifying questions, the buyer doesn’t always state their needs clearly. This is where follow ups are often needed to refine the requirements for the job.

If someone wants me to build them a house (not for $5), I wouldn’t start building until I asked them how many people would live there, how many bedrooms they require, how many bathrooms they need, etc. This is so the expectations can be set for the end results.

In the gig offering, prior to the order, statements should be made regarding revisions (2 revisions, 3 revisions, no revisions, etc.). This will prevent the ever unsatisfied buyer that keeps coming back saying they don’t like it and they want you to redo over and over again.

If you leave the door open and do not provide clear instructions to the buyer, or fail to set expectations, you leave yourself exposed to a higher probability of complaints and unsatisfied buyers.

You always want to under-promise and over-deliver!

Just my two cents!


In one of my design gigs, I ask numerous criteria to map out what the buyer needs, but I still get this all the time.

I make Twitter backgrounds, and ask for any website URL affiliate and a outline of what they want (they can sen examples of backgrounds they like) or give me free reign.

My scenario:

Buyer: Here is my URL -xxx-, please create a design based on this and details within

Seller: Here you go

Buyer: I don’t like the colour scheme, please design the background to be like this persons -xxx-

Seller: Why not mention that upon order? Your website completely revolves around an orange design and I used this to create a matching Twitter background for brand consistency, but your liked background is sky blue involving unicorns and s**t

It’s a pain, and it happens far too frequently, but I just put it down to cost of business now. For every unclear order, I receive plenty of lovely buyers :slight_smile:

EDIT: I got automatically fragglesrocked, when I didn’t even type a URL! xD


Sometimes, when I’m feeling particularly frustrated with a buyer… I read all my reviews… but I know EXACTLY how you feel.


Reply to @kiffinyjean: That’s a good idea! I guess it’s just that bad buyers stand out more than all your good buyers. Lol.


I have actually done this a Buyer before, its really pretty bad form, but really my seller did such an amazing job the first time I ordered from him, I thought that he could do it again, its good advise any time when ordering a service online or not , affordable or ultra luxury , to specify what you want, if you don’t know that then your lost and $5 or $500000 wont get you that.



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