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Top Tips for New Sellers

I will give you 20 tips to follow to promote your gigs:

1_) Gig title is very important to appear in buyers search so it should be very effective & friendly & those effects to make the URL of your gigs.

2_) Clean & well organized description is very essential to attract the potential buyers. You can see others title & description to take idea but it is very hardly prohibited to copy exactly. You have to make it as your own thinking. you have to use keywords in your description & make it bold & color.

3_) Pricing should start from $5 as a fresher. & keep more advantage & free items to catch the buyers.

4_) Use the package option (3 Package: Standard, Premium, Pro) to earn more.

5_) Use some very attractive image in Gallery section which is made by you.

6_) Video gallery is more and more effective to get job early. Your own video is preferable and you can also make a video by using any software within one minute duration. I use the software is Sparkle video scribe. There has some technique; If you see the video size is so much that is not acceptable on Fiverr and video format is not supported by Fiverr, you will upload it to Youtube than download it again. you will see that incredibly the video size is more less & also in mp4 format which is supported by Fiverr. You can also make the video using Powerpoint 2010. Just save you slide in video format. If there can’t save the audio, you mixture some audio sound form youtube after uploading there. After uploading the video in Fiverr, you can edit the video thumbnail by going gallery section and play the video where you wanna make thumbnail there pause it and save.

7_) you can make maximum 7 gigs first time so you can put your all gig links in another gig by shorting URL. You can use google URL shortner.

8_) you can send buyer request from the selling option.

9_) Share your Gig to your facebook, linkedin, twitter, pinterest & all others social network sites.

10_) you can also share gigs to your friends timeline.

11_) Create a blog site free at WordPress or Blogspot to write about you & put the URL of your gig and share your blog post in social media.

  1. Sign up for forums and help the people to solve their problems & put your gig URL there but don’t make spam. If you write anything about Fiverr or online earning in your blog, you also re-publish in other social blog or forums.

  2. Create a Youtube channel & make some videos introducing yourself as an expert in your particular subject & put the link of your gigs.

14_) don’t forget to set the tags & keywords related to your gig at the time of making gig.

15_) Quora is a famous forum to ask question & solve the problems of guys. You can sign up there to contribute there & put your gig URL in related issue.

16_) Social bookmarking websites are a good way to get links to your gigs and webpages and and they get indexed by search engines quicker. It is very quick and easy to add webpages and gigs to social bookmarking websites. Just create an account and start adding your gigs. Some require you to add descriptions. Its as simple as that. Some of the popular social bookmarking websites are: Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Delicious, Slashdot etc.

17_) Having PowerPoint presentations are a very powerful way to promote your Fiverr gigs. After make a presentation you can share it to to promote your gig. It can bring much more sales and exposure to your gigs. It is very simple to get traffic to your gigs from Slideshare. Create PowerPoint presentations about your gigs and what they are about. Create slides about what you can offer, who you are, what is so special about your gigs and the benefits of your gigs.

18_) whenever you will get your first job then complete it ASAP & properly. Then ask him to give you 5 Star & an excellent review.

19_) Stay login and browsing all time on Fiverr. you use Fiverr mobile apps to stay connected all time. Some buyers search who are in online right now. In this case you can win the jobs for staying online & you also can ensure quick response & delivery.

20_) All the best, This is enough but still telling again, make sure quick response, quick delivery, quality design, good communication & relation.

In one week I got result winning my first job of a 3d CAD design by following above tips. I completed it in very early and properly then my buyer gave me 5 starts & a nice review. My Fiverr profile is here


Thanks For your Tips.

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Thank your for sharing this tips. :smiley:

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Thanks sharing for your tips


Thanks for the effective tips. But I am just wondering, if its ok to ask for 5 star rating and review from the buyer??? Plz let me know.

No, if you ask for 5 stars or a particular rating you could get a warning from Fiverr (and with multiple warnings it could be a risk to your account). It’s best not to ask them to leave a review either, just in case (it’s probably best not to even mention reviews to buyers). Fiverr will remind the buyer to leave a review. The buyer might not want to leave one.

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