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Top Tips for Sellers pricing at $25 or more

Hey Fiverr’s. I am not as fortunate as some others to be able to sell something that is automated, ready-made or a template. My main gig is a customized 90-Day Online Marketing Strategy and Content Mapping Plan for businesses that need a cohesive, actionable strategy to increase their conversions, traffic, social interactions or brand awareness. You can check it out here: I priced it at only $50 (although I spend many many hours researching and compiling it, the hope is to do a lot of volume to justify that).

I am having relative success because when I reply to inquiries potential customers find out how knowledgeable I am on the subject and we establish rapport. Anyway, my question is for others that offer their basic gig starting at a higher price. Do you have any tips to share about how you market so that you can maintain the higher rate and survive on Fiverr against cheaper gigs?

Please feel free to share your experiences too

I don’t think that someone with 100 review(minimum) would be able to sell on 25$ or more. I myself have a gig worth 25$ but i ain’t got sales on it. Problem is there are so many gigs and people are doing the work cheaply and with low quality so yes i don’t have a way to find if thats possible but lets hope other have some experience but i think higher prices won’t work for less than 1000 reviews.

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