Top Trends Entrepreneurs Should Watch This Year


Fiverr’s Cofounder and CEO, Micha, has a new article on Forbes.

What are the top trends to watch out for this year?

  1. Crowdfunding and Alternative Lending
  2. Collaborative Consumption
  3. Social Media Meets Branded Content

    Check out the article to find out more, and share your feeling below.

    What do you think are 2013’s top internet trends?

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I agree, I have been thinking that the economy is down but changing. It is up to individuals to make it better again. spending is down, but savings and getting out of debt is up, which is what it is supposed to be. The way things are going if we don’t get creative and create trust, at work or online etc then we are all in trouble!


The world is changing at such a fast pace recently and with the downturn here in the UK a huge paradigm shift has to occur for companies to innovate and open more, crowd funding is a great way to fund your project if banks or alternative lending isn’t able to help in a unstable and volatile market. You only have to look to Kickstarter to realise where innovation is now and where it’s flourishing.


Great article! I have a day job and work in government, I work closely with the Department of Labor. Employment opportunities are changing as is the nature of employment. There is a transition that is taking place where the 40hr a week 9-5 job is fading, full time employment now is consisting of 2 part time jobs or becoming your own boss and independent consultant. Social networking is playing a bigger role in the employment world and hiring phase. We have many employers now who will only accept applications through FB Folks we are on the cusp of a HUGE shift in the economy and what drives it, we are the start up class


Nice writeup yeap the world is revolutioning i believe the best trend now will be on creativity.


I have been in broadcasting for years. Everyone in radio is scared of what the future holds with the changes technology is bringing. While I’m grateful to still be on the air, I’m finding that branding yourself online and using websites like fiverr (which is a BLESSING) is taking over the traditional brick and morter’s. It’s certainly more affordable for all parties.


Interesting. Forbes have a website.


Love what the future holds. Being a virtual company has freed myself and our staff to work from anywhere, whenever most convenient. It creates a better work-life balance.

Great article. Congrats, should be good publicity for the site.