Top Ways to Win Buyer Requests


Buyer requests seem like a great way to match services offered to buyer requests. What are some strategies for finding buyers this way? Here’s 4 ways.

What others ways do you use?

  1. Keyword Search - Use the fiverr search box to search for keywords that appear in your gig title.
  2. Number of Existing Offers - Approximate how many possible requests a buyer needs or can actually view and choose buyers with a low number of offers.
  3. Analyzing Requests - See what language buyers use most often to request a certain service and tailor your gig title to match.
  4. Creating a Matching Gig - Create a matching gig for the buyer’s request. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your nice tips


Make a note though that if you use the search bar it doesn’t list them in chronological order. I noticed this afterwards… and ended up submitting a request for one from September 2013. Don’t know why, the main page shows them in order.


Reply to @mithusaha: You are very welcomed. Another strategy I saw others sellers use is create a “buyer request gig” but I’m not sure if that will help with accepting offers…


Reply to @omniversal: You are right. Fiverr should have a way to close out old requests after 3 months or so. I still don’t get many offers that way. What I’m going to do is place a request myself and see what happens from that perspective.