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Topic a Day for November 4: Message Delays and A Way to Make them Work [ARCHIVED]

If you have a gig where you provide links and do so in the body of the message part of the Fiverr Delivery, there may be delays as the links trigger a review.

Here’s what I’ve done to cut down on confusion:

I put a line at the top that says…

*** This is the message that may be delayed, if you’re reading this, ignore the warning below.

Then in the delivered part I write.

Some of your important support links and deliverables are in a message above this that starts with the line:

*** This is the message that may be delayed, if you’re reading this, ignore the warning below.

If you don’t see this, understand this is a normal process and review. Return in about 30 minutes and if you don’t see it by then, send me a message. (You really should see it by then).



Right, I"m saying

a) Post Message with Links that will have a delay (with the first sentence there)


b) Post the message that will not have a delay informing them if they’re right there at that moment they may not see the message with the key sentence…and if so… a) that’s normal and b) just wait a bit and come back.

That is, the second message (b in the above case) will be sent right away, and not be delayed because there’s no reason for it. :slight_smile: LOL

That message instructs them there may be a delay in the prior message.

Yeah, it’s a little like a time travel episode on Fiverr.TV :slight_smile:

I knew messages were delayed and so I have to tell myself to have patience and not have aknee jerk reaction if I dont hear back from the buyer

Right in my case because it’s part of what I deliver… it makes it an issue if someone logs on and thinks at first I didn’t DELIVER :slight_smile: LOL

Reply to anarchofighter: As long as the messages get to me I am happy, its the silence after the order that irritate me


Please delete this message. I’m moving it. Thanks