Topic a Day for November 6: Are you in for the long haul?


Today in the US is the final day for voting. So called “election night”.

However, this is really the end of a long and arduous campaign and cycle for many men and women. In some ways that started as much as 2 years ago.

Most sellers on Fiverr have not been here for two years; however, a few of those on this very forum have been and they’ve shown a level of fortitude that bodes very well for their success.

When it comes to fiverr and being in for the long haul, remember this:

  • Everyone selling on fiverr has the same Terms of Service
  • Everyone selling on fiverr has the same character/word restrictions
  • Everyone selling on fiverr has the same interface / sales platform
  • Everyone selling on fiverr has the same path to Level 1, Level 2, & perhaps top rated selle
  • Everyone selling on fiverr has the same feedback and communication tools with buyers

    And yet some people struggle with their fiverr selling. Some people have results about which they complain. Some people quit.

    However, if you want to know the secret to success in Fiverr. It’s “Take It One Day at a Time” and "Be Here A Year From Now"

    The one thing that is very clear if you’ve been on Fiverr for any length of time, Fiverr gets betters better as a trend.

    Is every change painless and perfect for each and ever seller? NO… But in the aggregate, Fiverr gets better and better and if you want it better, just be here a year from now!

    In my view, the only way to fail at fiverr is to quit. So stick it out, talk it out with people on the forum, and keep you ego OUT of it.



I agree completely. Once you get a good reputation and have a great Fiverr portfolio, folks start coming to you more and more. And if you stick around, you start getting repeat business! Fiverr is an opportunity - what you do with it is up to you!!


I’ve in fiverr for about two years and I must say it has been an incredible experience. Some of us have watched fiverr grow from a few extra bucks in our pockets to a whole new career. The more time we spend here the easier it gets for us to reach Financial Freedom. I encourage you all to try it and see how far you get from today, when you look back 5 years from now and see how much you’ve accomplished and how much money you’ve made, you’ll see that it was all truly worth it.


My 1 year anniversary is coming up in Jan and its funny I have been thinking about this very topic, do I want to continue this after Jan? and the answer always is YES! I get so much joy from my gig and I kind of go into withdrawl when I don’t have any orders or family trees to work on. Yes I am addicted and the money is kind of nice also! :bz


4 days till my one year anniversary.

I know it’s not 2 years or over, but a year is a year and it’s been a good one.

When I first joined, I posted and didn’t get much response. It wasn’t until about 2 months later that I came back to my first gig and started. It was tough. (Sometimes it still is).

You deal with all kind of people. Scammers, A-Holes, black-mailers… but you also get the good ones as well and you get to watch things grow. And a thing to notice is this. We all get slow spots. And I’m sure a lot complain about them. But, if you think back to your last ‘Slow’ spot you may realize it wasn’t as ‘Slow’ as the previous one. And that’s awesome!

My tip? Just the same old simply phrase your parents used to tell you. Customers always right. If that means giving away a free gig or gig extra because someone wasn’t happy, so be it. You might be shocked that your ability to do this will make those same people into repeat ‘Real’ clients. And don’t be afraid to let clients know if there’s a problem. Again, most will understand and even try and make things a little easier. When it comes to the occasional ‘Bad client’ simply try and reason with them and if that fails… contact customer support. I gotta say that Fiverr has the best I’ve seen.


Happy Fiverr Anniversary to all with their odometer’s flipping. AND welcome to all the "newbies"

AS I like to say… I"m a SurFiverr. :slight_smile:


Surfiverr, thats good I am going to have to implement that somehow into my FB page


that sounds like a great idea, I wish I knew the exact date I signed up on FIVERR, I know it was sometime in Jan 2012


Well said! As with any business, there will always be changes. That fact will never go away. As sellers, being flexible and rolling with the punches are the key to our success!


Reply to madmoo: Thanks, I did that and I got my first order Feb 2 2012. I know I signed up about 4 weeks before that, it was out of sight our of mind until I got that first order


Reply to @madmoo: Hey that’s AWESOME :slight_smile: I likes… :slight_smile:

Maybe I’ll do a media campaign for myself for my 1 year and then I can share the link?


Reply to anarchofighter: That is an awesome idea!


Great read anarchofighter. Your posts are always very good!


Awe thanks, Startselect


Awe thanks, Startselect


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Awe thanks, Startselect