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Topic a Day for November 7: First order from the forum today...and being a fiverr tither. [ARCHIVED


I hadn’t actually expected this to happen. And it is almost without a doubt a testament to the profiles being linked to our name in the forum. (Thank you Fiverr).

Today I got an order from a forum reader :slight_smile: That was very nice. Thank you.

And this brings up the bigger issue that I mentioned on Linked In.

Are you a Fiverr Tither?

And what does that mean? It means do you also give back to other fiverr sellers for your blessings on fiverr by taking a portion of your sales and buying other fiverr gigs (some of which can even lead to making more fiverr sales).

If you’re a fiverr tither, let us know and let us know one or two of your favorite gigs.


How did you know it was a reader here on the forum, did they tell you? That is great you got the order!


Yes, the wrote it in the message when they ordered.


COOLNESS, I just got an order, not sure if they are from the forum or not but hey its an order and they replied very quickly with the information I needed which motivates me to get their order delivered pretty quickly