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Topic for all new fiverrs!

hello all ,

my name is Ahmad Qadoura
im new on fiverr

why we don’t improve our gigs together ?
every new person just like me press favorite to my gigs and ill return it to make some rank for our gigs
and we all do that for each other together

is that legall on the website ??
if not . im sorry admin you can just delete this Topic

thanx all :slight_smile:


I’m not sure that clicking favourite on other people’s gigs changes anything. The main thing are the reviews.


oh i thought that would rank the gigs or the profile at lest

No, reviews rank the gig on profiles. Some users probably look at the number of favourites (but that’s most likely a very small number of people).

oh thank you for this information :smiley:

Your post should have been: “Why don’t we ban each other’s profiles together?”


That makes no sense. Apply on buyer request frequently. You will get the order soon. :slight_smile: Best of luck.

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i noted down that if that is not legal im sorry for that and im new so dont make yourself the most knowing person if you have a good advice say it if you dont just go

thank you very much for your advice , best of luck for you too

I’ve seen persons adding favourite to gigs (i.e. Facebook groups) and it comes to a point where it annoy me so much. I just think it’s pointless to do. Just work hard at what you do and ask politely for reviews if the clients have the time to do so. Success doesn’t come overnight.

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It’s not illegal, it just doesn’t do anything. :no_mouth:


thank you for your advice so what is the best way to publish your gigs or rank them to make people know them

thank you i just knew that because we have an arabic website that likes does effect on the rank
thanks again for your advice

It has nothing to do with gig ranking. It’s just like adding some contact numbers to your mobile phone.

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Welcome bro :slight_smile:
Us e this section of the forum if you want others to help you improving your gig.

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hey khaled how are you thanks for your reply … how to use it and improve my gig i dont really know how to work on that :confused:

just create another post in this section asking for improvements, and provide links to your gigs as well.

okey i will , thank you very much

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I would say promote your gigs on social media weekly.

Add relevant keywords to your gigs (you can check out the top sellers for ideas of what keywords to use)

I will also advise to research your competition on Fiverr to get an idea of prices and what they offer and see how you can make yourself stand out.

Create a gig description that’s appealing enough to make the buyer want to choose you.

Just note that getting buyers will take time, but you will see progress once you follow these steps.

Hope that helps.

Don’t you think posting weekly is just spam?

Within a week, your social media followers don’t massively change. So essentially you’re sending the same thing to the same people every week.

I’d only promote a gig on social media if it’s new or it hasn’t been promoted in a while. Constant posts of the same thing are more likely to deter people than attract them.