My Fiverr balance is -$1,188

Go straight to paypal and provide them proof that you delivered and that the buyer is using what you delivered…paypal will investigate


And when you visit his website, can you “Prove” that you did that coding? If so, make a screen grab or other copy to show as part of your argument, since he might change it later. (Or he might block your visits.)


did you do the work outside of Fiverr. if you did you violated TOS if it was a customer associated with Fiverr that you found on Fiverr that you didn’t know.


Thanks for your messages.

I’m aware of the Fiverr TOS and I didn’t work outside of it. I only used my server for the demo purposes of the website, for the customer ; but it’s allowed by Fiverr (I have contacted them several times to be sure that this point does not violate the TOS).


as previously mentioned contact PAYPAL


Reply to @fraxool: Did the guy order $1000 or more in Fiverr gigs? if not and you did not know this person personally…well you violated TOS. You now must take this matter up with Paypal. It is not anything Fiverr can help you with.


Reply to @cust0mcr3ationz:

I repeat : I DIDN’T violate the Fiverr TOS. I have a reputation here and I am aware that it’s not allowed to pay directly with Paypal. All the orders were paid by Fiverr and exclusively on Fiverr. $1000 in gigs, yes. But it’s not so expensive for a complete website.


paypal is fiverr. The site doesnt have a bank vault it is run by paypal. Isent it??? :S:S


No paypal is not Fiverr. They have a working relationship with Fiverr. If you did business with him though Fiverr, Customer Support can help. Contact them and they will help by helping you get the money. Contact them asap. if they don’t help paypal will. chargebacks are forbidden and his acct can be closed too so he can’t do it again.


Yes, his account is banned today… But my money is not back :frowning: . I have contacted the Fiverr Support and I am waiting for an answer.