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Period’s suc k…BUT COMMAS RULE!!!


hehehehehe I really wanted to ask what do you do when you have ordered a few gigs about six I think and more than half are late what are you suppose to do?


You get refunded(to your fiverr) automatically when it’s late unless the user offers a mutual cancellation or marks the order as complete.


Is it automatic? I thought that the wording when it is late is that the buyer “has the option” to cancel if you do not deliver by a certain time, which to me, sounds as if the buyer would have to initiate a cancellation. I am sure there is some sort of link next to the order that would allow you to cancel?

Have you tried contacting the seller(s) and finding out why they are late? Is it all from the same seller? If so, sometimes, things happen in life that take one away from the computer. And, sometimes, people are just lazy and late. Either way, you should probably first try to contact the seller. If you do not get any feedback from them as to why they are late and when you can expect your work, I would then initiate a cancellation due to lateness. If you have a problem finding the link to cancel, you can always contact Customer Service to have them cancel it for you.

Do you still want whatever you ordered from the seller(s)?



Hi great thank you . Yes I can see they are late its in red on the orders. Just really wanted the work. Its three different sellers at this stage. Going to give them another 24 hours and hope for the best. Yes things do happen hopefully they will come through. thanks for your response. Just annoying when you really want them lol thansk again have a great day bye sonia


I can’t see nothing ???