If you make a new gig, the sales you have already made with the one you cancel will still count towards your level 2. You won’t have to start over with 0 sales just because you made a new gig…




It seems people here don’t get what your problem is!

If he makes new gig, he will have 0 positive reviews on that one. People will less likely buy it.

If he can’t add video (wtf), why don’t the Support contact the people above them to solve it?


It seems you are right there are allot of blind people you should see the response i get now from the Fiverr Help Desk.

I hope they see in time that Dominants with a Dominant Power structure like they have now will eventually do more damage than any good to any Social Website.




Very right… Michael is even not allowing me to withdraw my funds… There are $1412 stuck in my account and he marks every ticket as solved… This is simply scamming!

I think I’ve to file a case against fiverr.




According to my experience, It looks like there’s a standardized replies classified by the topic your question belongs to. When i got the first reply from the support, it just looked like it came out of a can. Just like being copied and pasted onto the mail. But when i tried to explain again and again, there the conversation moved on and i knew i was talking to real human beings.












If ranting here makes you feel better, then by all means continue.

However, are you missing the point that no one on the Forum can help you solve your issue? We are Users just like you. We don’t work for Fiverr and believe it or not, many of us have been through similar to what you’re experiencing and even larger issues.

Forum folks have responded to your repeated posts and all you do is argue. If you want opinions and arguments, the Forum is the place.

However, if you want resolve, take it up with Fiverr Support, and be prepared to let it go and move on if resolve does not arrive.