That’s a common problem that everyone faces except a few who are regularly featured etc.

Why not try to just PAUSE / SUSPEND your gigs for a few hours and then UNPAUSE them again. This trick sometimes work for me, I hope it will work for you as well. :wink:




Reply to @adzenzeking:

adzenzeking said: Thanks!
Wil give it a try...



CS has indicated in communications that the Fiverr search results is not all-inclusive, and that gigs of all ranks are rotated. Meaning that at any given time if you search for let’s say “3-D logos”, you won’t see a listing of every single gig for “3-D logos” that exists on the site. Apparently even TRS’s can find their gigs rotated out of the top positions sometimes. For the rest of us plebs? Probably depends on how crowded the category is. Social media traffic gigs are very crowded, so perhaps it happens more often there. For this reason, some people suggest offering gigs in a variety of categories, which will likely keep at least one of your gigs in the first pages of search results at any time, and gives people a way to find your other gigs even when they’re not in rotation.



adzenzeking said: I am collecting more data atm see if i can find more proof about how Fiverr's system is totally rigged.
I'm not sure I see what the point is to doing this, unless it's the kind of thing you enjoy occupying yourself with. After all Fiverr is a privately held company and even if it's search system IS rigged, as far as I know there's nothing illegal about that.

When you showed up higher in the search results, that meant someone else didn't. You benefitted by having sales like "crazy". Now it's someone else's turn. Unless or until Fiverr decides to expand the search results & develop a more muscular search engine, this kind of thing will continue to happen. They may consider this a fairer system, since if you constantly rank 20 million gigs, most people will never rise up high enough to be found in search results for many dozens of pages, even with reasonable sales & good reviews. By offering a more limited search results and rotating gigs in and out of the active search results, more people have a better chance for at least some exposure.