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You got your money back, so you’re not entitled to the review. Can’t have your cake and eat it to. As for everyone being positive, maybe he or she does a great job for most people, but was too busy to help you. At least your seller was honest and ethical.

Just find another seller. It’s no big deal. If this was a time sensitive issue, hire someone that does it in 24-hours or pay for that extra.


Burn out is common on Fiverr, unfortunately, especially in the writing field. Unless you’re making money with extras, it takes a tonne of work to make a living. Sometimes you just can’t balance orders properly or you haven’t got the enthusiasm to do them. Of course, their reasons may have also been genuine.

It’s frustrating to have orders cancelled on you though at the last minute. I can sympathise with that. I guess at least they didn’t just do a shoddy job and cash-in like some sellers do.

I hope your next gig is more successful. If you’re really struggling to find somebody, I could probably put my hand to it for you.