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The 2 weeks is still in effect. But you will find once you are busy, you have cash always available. It’s just the first money that takes forever it seems, but then the cash just flows, albeit delayed.


The clearance time is one of the few features that is there to protect sellers. It helps you to avoid getting a negative balance due to buyer chargebacks. It’s not much fun to pay your rent and then end up owing money back to Fiverr. Then you work for free until you get caught up and you don’t have next months rent. You can go for a petition but I don’t think it will work. Good luck with your finances though! Many of us are in the same boat.


I’ll never understand why people get so steamed up about a two week wait. It’s like they’ve never had a legitimate, paying job before. It is incredibly common for an employee to get paid every two weeks. When freelancing without any type of ‘agency’ like Fiverr, it often takes much longer - and there’s a bigger chance of never getting paid.

I say this as genuine advice, not sarcasm; if you are so desperate for money that you can’t wait two and a half weeks for your Fiverr funds to be available, you really need to look at other opportunities.


Reply to @itsyourthing: lol^^


Reply to @fonthaunt: Hey that’s a good point- thanks for your input I appreciate it. I received less funding because it’s an international school, which is fine. I am just trying to hustle for some money before the next dispersement. I hear you- It wasn’t necessarily meant to be a complaint just for the administration to hopefully see it from our side.