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******* is to be avoided. He has said he will complete my work and has time and again come up with one excuse after another. I will no longer be using Fiverr so it makes little difference if I am infracted, banned, or not believed.

Good luck to everyone else on Fiverr.


Sorry you had a poor experience with a seller. I know it can be very frustrating. The whole marketplace is not tainted because of one bad experience. I see that the seller does Videos. If your still around. Maybe I can help rectify your experience. I can do any video and then some. If you still around feel free to contact me and maybe I can turn your experience more positive. It sucks when someone has to suffer because someone else poor actions.

Really? One bad seller and you will never use Fiverr again? If I applied that to my offline life I would not be able to buy anything anywhere.

I know, right? demonicsoul26 is so much more efficient. Don’t use if you hate the idea of eating children, but the results speak for themselves.

But johnny. I will burn a goat, a medium-size cow and maybe even a chicken in your memory.

EDIT: I was making fun of the now-deleted username. Plus there was a typo that irritated me.

ONE? I deal with at least 10 a day that would make this person look like an angel, pun intended! :slight_smile:

Really? You have to be more careful with your ordering! I have bought 80 times here and had to cancel 4 of those, 2 of them due to seller not being able to complete it on time. The rest I have been more than happy with!