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Toronto based business - looking for digital marketer


Hi everyone,

I am looking for an experienced digital marketer to promote my business in interior design and high-end renovations, in the Great Toronto Area.

I would appreciate any recommendations you might have for me.

Thanks a lot!



Hi John,

Unless you are a regular forum user and know other forum users well this is not the most risk free way to find a digital marketer that suits your needs (unless you follow it up with your own research on the recommendations).

I’d recommend reading profiles, reading reviews (don’t worry about the odd negative review but look for many individual comments from happy customers). Then shortlist a few providers and give them all the same task for a minimum order to try them out. How is their communication? What was the quality of their delivery? Did they quickly understand what you needed? Did they deliver to the agreed timeframe? Do you work well together?

From that shortlist, pick one you want to work with. Don’t throw your life-savings at them straight away - smaller orders that grow gradually are best to build up your mutual working relationship.



I am Digital Marketing Specialist how may I help you?


The OP made his request back in May. I don’t think he’s looking for help anymore.


Dear Jonbass,

May be you are right but I am just saying to him.


I am right. May was six months ago, and the OP has never responded within this topic. His request is long-expired, and no longer valid. Your request to “help” him isn’t going to go anywhere.