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TOS Break by me?

I was working for a client and his website uses payment method Paypal and I asked him in the messages like ‘send me your p-aypal e-mail address to integrate it in your website’ and then now a message appears at its bottom that fiverr is looking if you have broken our TOS.

What fiverr is gonna review now?


May be they will check your conversation

yes but there is nothing i said to the client to pay me direct. is there any way i could contact fiverr first to let them know its a false alert?

Thank you.

@imuolian Hi. If you sent it like that, know that your message will trigger the Fiverr bot to come after you. Using words like “payments,” “@,” “email address,” and some other things are flagged and not allowed on Fiverr Marketplace. You would do yourself a favor to avoid this. Hence, you escape ban, demotion or a disabled account. Rather use synonyms.

Then how are we suppose to say these words to our clients if we have to talk to them about the payments.

Of course you can if you want however |I faced slightly similar thing you can check this from here : Message was flagged for review

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Before any problem or any issue by Fiverr’s System. I will suggest you to contact CS and tell them about this.

Best of Luck! :slight_smile:

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how to contact them? Do you have support email?

Customer Support. Go there open a ticket and that’s all. Wait for just 24 hrs for there reply. Remember don’t open 2 tickets before they reply you in 24hrs. Let me know if you came across any query. :+1:

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yes sure, thank you :slight_smile:

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Contact CS before it get worse!