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TOS break for first time now what next

hi there
i want help
today i get a message in which they tell me i want to take the payment outside of fiverr
but this is wrong
i not have any intension like this

i am working on my client site and want paypal id to add in site
so i ask him to give me

but fiverr thinks i am asking payments from outside of fiverr

this is very wrong
now what can i do

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You most likely said that in a message.

You’re not allowed to do something like this, obviously they will send a warning.

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There are a few words, which we are not allowed to use in our response to the client as they trigger the terms of service, resulting in a warning.

That warning alert even appears in the chatbox. You must learn to respond professionally.

they send me a strike not warning
that you break the tos for first time

ok thnaks
can you tell me some words which not be used
and now what can i do

It’s a warning. They consider it a strike because it won’t demote you. But if you break the TOS again you will lose your level.

i am on 0 level
how many strike or chances they give
i think 3
am i right

It depends on the violation

Some people were removed right away after the first violation. Focus on obeying the Terms of Service rather than figuring out how many strikes you have :slight_smile:

Check this out for more information: Don't do it! .... You Have Been Warned! if you want to protect your account.

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yes now i understand
and read the tos carefully
now what i can do

:sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

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