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TOS HW and Assignment

Hi, I am new on Fiverr. I don’t usually do academic work on fiverr except one time I did where I wasn’t sure it’s assignment or what because the client said that he is a teacher and doing this for his students. However, I received a first warning from the fiverr that they think I am doing HW and Academic work and if I won’t stop then they can suspend my account. Please help me and tell me what do I do to know that whether client offering me is academic work or not. Secondly do Fiver block account after first warning or after how many warnings? Lastly, Is it wise for me to withdraw all my funds right now?

Your account will be blocked if you receive a second warning for providing academic work, or if you receive two more warnings for different TOS violations.

A person can withdraw their funds from a disabled account 90 days after it was closed. So, you won’t lose your funds if your account does end up getting closed, but you will have to wait a while to receive them.

If you’re unsure about what your buyer intends to do with your article, ask them. If you’re not convinced, turn down the job.

Also, you need to remove all mentions of academic work from your profile and gigs. You’re quite lucky Fiverr didn’t warn you for these quotes below. They make it sound like you’re offering banned services.

I have 3 years freelancing experience in academic writing

I’ve written over 600,000 words for clients on several projects and most of the clients have got A grade in their assignments

I have helped many people in handling there… course work as well as multiple assignments.


Hi, It’s a lot of help. Thank you, I removed those words. And I’ll definitely ask the client and be sure.

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You’re welcome.

You could also put disclaimers in your gigs saying you don’t offer academic work. That’d prove to Fiverr you’re serious about following the rules, and would hopefully deter a few rule-breakers from ordering from you.

Nowadays, lots of Fiverr writers use such disclaimers.


Sure, I’ll put the disclaimer too.

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Take on board what @ahmwritingco advised.

Also, take time to read this: Don't do it! .... You Have Been Warned!


Hi, is it okay if I put disclaimer on my profile description rather than putting it on all Gigs? Will it prove fiverr that I am not violating any TOS?

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welcome here, stay touch with fiverr if have any problem then contact to CS.

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As long as you’ve put it where people can see it, that’ll be ok. Unfortunately some people ignore these disclaimers, but you’ve got to try your best to deter buyers looking for essays.


I have put it at first line of my description. I hope fiver restores trust with me. Thank you for helping me.