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TOS of fiverr - need help

can we ask other sellers to promote our service or suggest our service to their previous client. Or is it against the ToS of Fiverr?


This has been asked before.

I know I wouldn’t do it.


Ask sellers to promote or recommend other sellers?

Why on earth would any seller agree to do such a thing? I could understand a seller recommending another seller who happens to be a friend/family member/significant other who caters towards a service they do not provide themselves, but in any other case, it sounds simply like spam.

If you randomly message sellers and ask them to help promote your services, enjoy your quick ride to warning and ban town.


Please respect our members privacy by not contacting them with offers, questions, suggestions or anything which is not directly related to their Gigs or orders.

The above is from the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page under Violations (which will risk your account).


You’re only allowed to message another seller if you wish to buy from them. Anything else would be spam.


If you mean ‘ask Sellers here on the Fiverr forums’, then that’s exceptionally rude. It’s not our job to do someone else’s work for them. AND you’re asking someone who doesn’t know a thing about you to trust you and your abilities.

I would NEVER recommend or promote anyone or anything that I’d never interacted with before.

Plus, if I were so foolish to say ‘try this, though I never have’, I would loose ALL credibility and trust if even the slightest thing went wrong.


thank you everyone for helping me out here


I feel the anger in your reply. Whoah.

This (what was in your deleted post) is called Referrals where you ask a former client to refer you to new suckers, sorry I meant people who would benefit from your superior services.

This is not a practice that people particularly like being dragged into. In the car industry some time ago it used to be common to hand someone picking up their car a piece of paper and tell them to write 5 or 10 names and phone numbers of people they know who might want a car before they could leave. Nasty nasty stuff.

Anything similar in the Fiverr environment is a one-way trip to Bantown. The bottom line is while you like the idea - in that you see freely procured work flowing into your bank account, no one else sees it this way. They feel like you did when you though of being that car pick-er-uper being forced to sell out their neighbors so they could drive their new motor home.

Work on real ideas, not these which are trying to use and abuse, or otherwise short-cut the system and people’s lives.


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If only the clownpost wasn’t censored…

I suppose I can see how that could come across as angry. I did write it in frustration, but it was intended in a manner of ‘teaching a kid that, no, they should never take candy from a stranger’. It’s dangerous (flag/ban), and sets a bad example for other ‘kids’.