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TOS on cancel vs credit


I read the TOS to see if the idea of offering a credit on future work as opposed to accepting a cancellation and don’t see anything that would prevent that.

So what if you included in the gig description… “ATTENTION: all requests for cancellation due to ordering mistakes will result in a credit for future work. Be certain before you order as I do not cancel orders, once placed, for any reason.”

What do you think?


I don´t see a problem with Fiverr´s ToS either, and since it´s your business, why not make your own ToS as long as they don´t go against Fiverr´s or any applicable law. I don´t think it would really hold water, though, but maybe a few fish.

Would be useful if we could have such a thing as a box (with own text relevant to our own gigs) someone needs to actively click before they order and not when they already have ordered, like Fiverr´s or our own checkboxes during the order process.
Sounds good (apart from that the space in the gig description box is precious). I´ll certainly read the updates if you try it.


It’s an interesting suggestion. However, if the buyer ordered by mistake and doesn’t need your services, what can you do for him?


Howdy, Mike! :cowboy_hat_face:

Not a shabby idea! I see where you’re going with this disclaimer. Personally speaking, this wouldn’t work for me… Reasons #:one: I’m not in a business of (IOU) system especially on #:two: I wouldn’t feel right getting paid, and not delivering work (to each his own.) Working on Fiverr’s platform getting the order completed asap is my goal.

Buyer orders XYZ, I deliver, done.

Discuss it with Customer Support to get their thoughts on the matter. If it’s A-OK give it a test run! :sunglasses:


I did this with a buyer about a year ago. They placed a $350 order for translation which their client cancelled when I had just started on it. It was actually their suggestion and it was mainly because we had discussed it beforehand, had arranged and booked time in advance which I had put off other jobs for. They suggested that I would just close the order and give them $250 credit - $100 for my time wasted/booked - and that is what they did. Was never an issue and they used the credit over the following 4-5 months on smaller jobs.

I agree, I don’t see anything wrong with it if the buyer agrees however I am not sure if CS would see it that way. You could see it as not having completed the order within the allotted time, for example. It could lead to a CS cancellation if the buyer decided to go to CS.


I think to be safe, the platform would have to change so sellers have the opportunity to offer a refund or credit.

Otherwise, the buyer will have to make a $5 customer order and get $195 worth of credit or whatever you promised.


You would need two things:

A very honest responsible seller who keeps his or her words, and
a very trusting and patient buyer who will accept this agreement.


For such agreement the seller should tell the buyer or the rule should be made that the buyer has to make sure he takes pictures of the chat so whenever the seller tries to play smart the buyer should send the whole story to CS then the punishment should be banning of account…lol even the most dishonest seller would not want his or her account banned


Best to confirm with support first. I’ve had many good new ideas as well to make selling better, but most of them have not been allowed according to support, despite there being nothing against them in the TOS.