TOS problems with my gigs


I used to upload PDF files which where part of my orders on my gig as samples. Today when I uploaded a new PDF. I got a message that “Please modify the PDF, keeping in mind that all content must be your original work and made in the same standard and quality as the results you will be providing to your customers.” I uploaded PDF file from a actual order which doesn’t violate TOS.
Also in same email I got message that “Contact information, alternative methods of payment, or any other violations to our Terms of Service will not be allowed.” I shared email with one of my buyer in a order because it was very essential for the work.

Thank you in advance


So what do you want the other forum users to do for you?
Just read the ToS and you find out, if you didn’t already grasp it, that it is not allowed to share your e-mail address.
It’s that simple.


So… You have uploaded a PDF with your email address so that anyone can see it?


No the PDF is another story. I send email to one of the buyer as it was essential for the order. She bought my gig again and told me that she would send me file through my email because they were large. Fiverr support got suspicion on me and they are sending messages warning me.


I am not seeing my gig in search result for about a day, just wanted to know whether the above reason explains it.


That’s a ToS violation.

When a file is large, Fiverr allows the use of DropBox or similar websites, without sharing any personal contact information.