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Where do I find the Terms of Service?

Just google “Fiverr Terms of Service”

You’ve clearly got an account, so you’ve already agreed to them. You’ve formed a binding contract without knowing the terms.



As has already been pointed out, these will be the same terms of service you agreed to when you created your account.

However, we can all be forgetful at times and I’m in a happy mood because the sun is out:


Not for me :frowning_face:

@julianbrasse how do you not know Fiverr’s Terms of Services? When you were creating an account, you had to agree to it.

And then other people tried to convince me every human reads all that is in rules and regulations and terms of condition online when you install something or click on something…

I had to install wechat on my phone so I can talk with my China supplier. I opened TOS page, 68 A4 pages.

I admit.
I read none of the pages and clicked yes, and now I have Wechat on my phone and I am talking to China.
Maybe I am being hacked but my phone has only pictures of my flowers from every humanly possible angle.
I think no one will benefit from that.

Read this article, it’s really interesting.

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hahhaahah this is the exact story I use to tell people they should always read contracts before signing. I read it in 2014 and implement it in my lectures and training.

Khm, why don’t you have reading minds amongst your GIG?

Thanks! I’ll read it