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TOS RED FLAG! senior advice please

Hello …
today i am here to tell you my story …
I am new to Fiverr. Like a happy sheep i posted my first gig. It got denied and the reason i was told was “portfolio pictures i uploaded are not my own work” for a second i did not understand why i would receive this message when they are my personal work! frustrating! like a good happy sheep i submitted the request and waited fiver team to resolve it… I kept waiting … for a long time!
Then about 1 month later i received a happy message from team Fiverr. Finally! my issue is resolved. So I the happy sheep posted this gig again with expectation that things will workout now. About 5 minutes later I received TOS violation RED FLAG! … why ! the reason was same .
I literally do not understand why is it happening to me. I see millions of people posting their gig without any issues. In my description i did not mention anything that will violate TOS. I have no idea whats wrong. Fiverr support team seems not very helpful.

A small TWIST in my story: i had a Fiverr account before this one which i terminated because i learned later tht user ID is not editable, its important for me to be consistent on all platforms. i had posted these images on a gig there. and i feel that the root of problem i had explained all this in detail to CS.

Any advice or guideline will be much appreciated.



Have you published your images anywhere else? They have to be original made for Fiverr.

Can you prove with source files that the images were created by you? If so, you might be able to persuade CS to take the warnings off, if you attach them.


i had posted them nowhere except fiverr.
but i had another account over fiverr which i terminated due to my personal reasons. i had posted this gig there, with these images. thats all i can figure out is the problem.
i had explained this in detail in my request to CS. they said issues is resolved but its not.

If you used the images / graphics you posted here - - then that would be the problem. I believe Fiverr has an algorithm that will censor / warn / take down anything that turns up in a picture search on Google.


thanks for this piece of information. i did not know this. i was thinking to post my gig again with different images a few picked from my behance portfolio

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That’s probably it. I remember it happened to another user, too, and then they had to use different images.


Yes, I would definitely avoid putting anything from your Behance portfolio on there - also if you keep trying to do the same thing (posting images you’ve posted elsewhere), your account is going to be deactivated because you’ve already been warned twice. Make something new and fresh, and make sure that nothing exact pops up on Google image search and it’ll probably go through fine.


hmm. thanks for understanding.
All I have to say is my problem got resolved faster among all of you kind and understanding beings.
Big thanks to all of you :slight_smile:

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Sorry, literally all I could think of every time I read “happy sheep”. :sweat_smile:

I hope everything works out for you in the end.


thankyou for your advice and time :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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that was the only way i could think of to control my frustration.