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TOS violation for asking invitation to quickbooks

I just had a really bad experience with the fiverr support team. I have been a loyal fiverr seller for over 4 years now and have given them good business.
I am a CPA and a quickbooks pro adviser and provide bookkeeping services to various clients. I was a level 2 seller and expecting to become top rated seller this month however, i got downgraded to level 1 as i got a TOS violation for sharing my email address.
Now this is a problem.
Anyone working with quickbooks know that to access client data, you need to provide your email address for them to add you as accountant. How can i work without providing them my email address. Either they should ban people from giving bookkeeping services or they should create a provision. i have till date go 2 TOS violations for this.
I have been loyal and am also giving good business to fiverr. Even for clients who give me their personal contacts, i always communicate with them on fiverr and get the business on fiverr and not outside. My repeat customers are also on fiverr, some for more than 2 year and i have never attempted to get them out of fiverr platform.
Despite this, i got a warning again and only because i shared my email to get invitation for client’s quickbooks which is a must otherwise i will not be able to work.


Was it on the order page or in the inbox messages?

You should reach out to support team and explain that email is needed to fulfil the order and is part of the order and your requirements and that is allowed by fiverr TOS.

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It was in order page. I have reached out to fiverr support and all i got was a standard bot reply of “You have voilated our TOS”

Then try to ask them to escalate this matter as you haven’t violated any rules and you need an email address as a part of an order and you can even send them a screenshot of that part of fiverr TOS.
I’m afraid that will be your last chance.
Of course staying very professional and polite.

Yes actually, maybe you’ll be able to remove the warning from your account as well since this could be a mistake.

Thanks alot. I have requested an escalation . Will keep you guys posted on the progress

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The invitation is needed because the work has to be done in quickbooks and not outside of it, also, it is generally a recurring work

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I was thinking it could have been imported into another version of quickbooks (yours) but that’s probably much too risky. Sending screenshots containing actual financial data could be risky too eg. even if put onto the order page and that’s secure, Fiverr staff would also have access to that.

How you resolved this issue? Please provide an update.

Contact fiverr support. Write this including your email address in your gig description and get its approval from fiverr support

Thanks for your response. I have already contacted fiverr support and waiting for their response.