TOS Violation - Negotiating Price



This is my second violation so far for the same scenario. Every time I negotiate the amount of work for the price, e.g. “I want x amount of x for $10” it instantly flags.

Is Fiverr’s policy and auto triggering events so sensitive that if you even mention “payment” or “price” along with a figure that you instantly get a violation? I find it absolutely ridiculous.

Now with the potential of being banned for haggling, I’m not even confident with using this platform anymore.


From what I’ve read elsewhere on the forum, any message containing any and all terms relating to payment including payment sites gets flagged by the system. If you are looking to get x-amount of x then message the seller inquiring how much it would cost to get x-amount of x. If that doesn’t work, try posting a Buyer Request stating what you’re looking for along with your budget.


There is nothing wrong with sending messages that trigger the automatic warning as long as you aren’t actually violating TOS. One time, I was alerted that a message wouldn’t be delivered until it could be reviewed. A few minutes later, it was delivered.

Getting the pop-up message is not really “flagging,” in the sense that you’re risking getting banned. It’s just a reminder of TOS, not a rebuke for violating them. As long as we play by the rules, Fiverr isn’t looking for a way to ban us.