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TOS Violation warning

Whatever Warning I got on my profile is it for lifetime or for a certain period like 30 days/60days like order cancellation or on time delivery? please help me

I got one already because of some horrible client haha…still not sure if they are for life or for few days!
but try not to get second !

Sometimes certain words trigger a warning, and then Fiverr investigates.

If you have an email gig, you have to write “e-mail” instead of “email.” If your gig has to do with adding payment options on a website, you might have to write p-yments or pa-yments.

My Craiglist gig kept banning for some reason. I wasn’t offering anything illegal, like posting ads for people, but either Craiglist or the system kept banning my gig.

We’re at the mercy of electronics with very little human oversight.




Please read Fiverr’s TOS, specially “User Conduct and Protection” section.


That’s one of my favorite movie series. The original, R-rated films, full of graphic violence. The remakes are terrible.

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TOS violation did it for me (for not delivering all the package contents at once). I lost my TOS and I’m facing a significant drop of sales (less than 10% of normal ). There was one review passed after the demotion and I was not promoted back even though I fulfill the criteria, So guys be careful. I have been in fiverr since 2014 and there were no TOS back then.

There has been a legal TOS (terms of service) ever since Fiverr began.

Yes, there was a TOS four years ago (in 2014).