TOS Violations beware! So disappointed!


Help! Just completed my first 30 days here on Fiverr. My work and dedication to customer service is impeccable. I have only 5 star reviews and have worked really hard, selling almost $700 in 20 gigs and happily paying Fiverr $173.6 for their 20% of the take.

When I didn’t see my LEVEL 1 badge, I submitted a customer service ticket. They answered that, “The system had detected some activities that caused you to lose your Levels badge eligibility, specifically related to the Terms of Service violations incurred on your account. As you continue to sell on Fiverr, without any violations of our TOS and editorial guidelines, your account may hopefully become eligible again in the future.”

And they marked the ticket as resolved (which I would never try to pass off as customer service to my clients). I’ve sent a reply to ask why.

The only thing I can think of is mentioning in my bio that I’ve been seen today dot com and careerbuilder dot com. Neither of those links linked directly to articles in which I’m featured not dos they link to me specifically in any way.

When Fiverr erased my bio, saying I can’t have links they basically said, “No biggie just don’t do it again,” and neglected to warn me of my now “violated” status.

This disciplinary act punishes me but also punishes Fiverr by not giving me the credentials I earned to secure even more revenue. So BUMMED.

I love Fiverr and have worked so hard and am so disappointed. Just want to warn others and wish I would have known about this. Also suggest that Fiverr reconsider the way they handle customer care for new sellers. This is really an unacceptable way to manage customer service.


They really need to improve their customer service. My account got restricted; I was told that I had two accounts( I never had more than one), and that there was no way to get it back. I lost all my clients that I had gained over the two years I worked on Fiverr. It was upsetting, to say the least. I got very little information or actual communication from them. Most of the time I got automated responses. I liked working on this site, so I decided to come back. Hopefully, they will improve their methods and be more helpful in the future. I hope you get your badge status back, and I wish you lots of luck.


There are many who come here to complain about banned accounts and levels reduced who violated terms of service so the answer is to know what not to do and don’t do it.
Do not blame customer support. Take responsibility for your mistakes. Otherwise you will keep doing them.


I’ll take a wild stab n the dark here, you didn’t actually READ the TOS before creating your account now did you? :stuck_out_tongue:


Reading the rules is important, but sometimes issues come up, and customer support can be less than helpful. In my case, no rules were broken, but customer support was unwilling to help or give details about what happened. I just continued to get responses saying that I had more than one account, which I knew to be false. Customer support could do with some improvements.


Now what about those sellers who post on buyer’s request? They violate the TOS and yet fiverr does not scan what they write and allow them to post? Pls all screenshot these ppl and send to @fiverr and @fiverrsupport to expose them.


Now what about those sellers who post on buyer’s request? They violate the TOS and yet fiverr does not scan what they write and allow them to post? Pls all screenshot these ppl and send to @fiverr and @fiverrsupport to expose them.


Actually, once they saw that I did not, in fact violate the TOS, they immediately reinstated my status! And blame was never the goal. I wanted to warn others to be careful. But thanks for your advice.


Yup, I did. Customer support changed their decision immediately. :slight_smile: So happy.


Oh what a bummer. So sorry.


I am having same 200 hundred percent case . I have also request support staff to review my whole account and check my every message and order because i did nothing just add my flicker portfolio link mistakenly . So can u please guide me what you said after first reply in the ticket ? Thank you


It’s not that hard to not violate TOS. I know its a tenapenny offense here but… c’mon.


So you mean to say that without any reason fiverr erased your bio ?


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