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TOS warnings....!


I got two TOS from fiverr what should i do now, do my account ban after 3 third TOS?


Don’t think there is a definite number. If you keep to the Terms of Service which you will find at the bottom of the Fiverr main page you will not get banned!


Sir i already got two TOS Warning for my mistakes What should i do now?


Keep to the Terms of Service. Also do not assume that anyone who has a logo as a profile image is a Sir. You have no idea whether or not I am a Sir!


Ok Thank you so much :slight_smile:


If you follow the Fiverr Terms and services, you have already had two warning, and only one warning is left, the remaining three will be debugging your account. Be careful


OK Thank you so much :slight_smile:


Yes, third warning and you will be vanished.
Be careful.


There is no actual evidence that this is true. They can ban you with no warnings, with one, or with three. They might choose not to ban you on three if they feel there are extenuating circumstances, but if you were leveled you would lose a level. It’s not a good idea to make broad statements to people when they may not be accurate. The bottom line is that the OP needs to stop doing anything that can cause them to receive a warning.


Learn from your mistakes and don’t make a third one.


Read every word of the Terms of Service. You need to follow the rules exactly. :scroll:

Get rid of the second account. Stop sending empty deliveries if you do that, it’s an automatic ban if you do that. Stop asking for 5 star reviews or offering extra work for one.


Read & understand the TOS first. You need be aware of what you should do and shouldn’t. I never received TOS warnings until now. It it not very hard to follow rules :grinning:

There is no such number limit that you can receive before ban.


To be honest, I’m terrified of TOS warnings. I don’t have any. However, there have been a lot of reports lately about (apparently) indiscriminate bans and warnings. In this case, I have started to feel like it is only a matter of time until I get a warning, due to Fiverr deciding it simply doesn’t like me.

However, I am starting to change my thinking. Recently, I mentioned in a message to CS how a buyer had attempted to contact me via Linkedin. A few minutes after sending this message, I thought , “Oh :poop:.” Now Fiverr might think that I actively participate in off-Fiverr communication.

(I do not do this and never will, it is not in my interest whatsoever).

Thankfully, CS seemed to understand the context of my message. They also went so far as to not send me cut and paste template responses, and inform me that some points I raised in a following message would be sent to the Fiverr development team for consideration.

Given the above, I am beginning to lean toward the idea that Fiverr does not issue TOS warnings to sellers as indiscriminately as some (and I) might be being led to believe.

If you have received 2 warnings, I would recommend that you pause your gigs and start thoroughly evaluating what you might be doing wrong, even inadvertently. If you can not identify what the problem might be, contact CS and ask them. Be honest. Say that you are very sorry if you have compromised your account security somehow. Then state that you have paused your gigs because you need to know what you are doing wrong (perhaps inadvertently) before you can invest more time in Fiverr.

I would imagine that if you have nothing to hide and sincerely do not know what you are doing wrong, CS will enlighten you. After that, you can decide if your TOS warnings are justified and/or if you feel you are inadvertently doing something wrong, correct this or ask for advice here regarding how to avoid problems in future.


We get one side of the story here in the forum, and that is usually biased in favor of the person posting it. Most of the time I’m sure details are left out that would show that they violated some rule.

Based on the fact the OP is not yet banned I am guessing it was the more minor violation of asking for a five star review, or saying they need a good review to help their business.


how do i understant i got warning


Read the Terms of Service. Do it! That is one thing that separates successful sellers from those who get warnings.


thank you so much sssssss


Almost 90% possibility , yes


Well, usually, we only know one side of the history, as CS representatives don’t write in this forum (as @misscrystal said already) . Though I believe some complaints might be legitimate, I also think those TOS warnings are not as random as might seem.

Reading the forums, I think one major problem regarding those TOS warnings might be a lack of proper English knowledge that prevents the seller to fully understand the rules and communicate properly with the CS representatives.


Please what part of the TOS is important for sellers to read, its actually too many, help please