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TOService Violation

Hey guys, I was asking my buyer to send his paypal email which he wants to use in his website to receive payments . And my message got flagged.

Will this can suspended my account or not?

Thank you

It probably won’t be suspended if whoever checks it sees it as something that’s necessary for you to do the job.

If they think that you have been asking for payments outside of Fiverr, though, you could get a warning.

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You can’t ask for someone’s Paypal email. What they will do about it is uncertain.

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You could explain to CS that it was needed for the website (if it was) if you get a warning etc. or if you think you need to. Though the TOS says

“Any exchange of personal information required for the completion of a service must be provided in the Order Page”

If you asked for it in the inbox I think it should have been done on the order page instead.

Yes I messaged him on the order page

Like has been said, they might decide it’s okay because it’s required for the order.

Maybe you could have put it as a gig requirement question instead if it’s needed (and if it’s only needed for some, you could put say that in the question in that requirements section, eg. “if you have ordered x, please enter…”).

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Thanks for the tip appreciate it

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