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Total 6 gigs created but only had 2 orders why?

Hello friends,

I have created 6 gigs in total under graphic design section. But in my fiverr career I could only deliver 2 orders in total. Kindly check and let me know where is wrong… Please…

My profile link…


You’ve got 5 gigs which are all offering the same thing - background removal.

There are over 12,000 background removal gigs, so perhaps the competition’s too great?

Having duplicate gigs is against the ToS BTW. Maybe you could put up a different graphics related gig which doesn’t have as much competition?

Good luck. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the reply… But I have seen some sellers have created few gigs in the same category…I will try to amend… Thanks for the info again

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Also, is not about having a lot of gigs is about promoting them, find ways to reach your audience.

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You’re allowed multiple Gigs in the same category, but Fiverr frowns upon multiple Gigs offering the same service. You could wake up one day and find your Gigs have been automatically deleted.


I have done the promotion but still not got enough results as expected…