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Total 7 gigs need to make?

I was wondering does making all 7 allowed gigs help the account boost to its maximum​:man:. Can anyone advice on this. I am new and trying to build my career in freelancing. For that fiverr is a good place. But my technics might be wrong. So I wanna make more gigs on some fields like :hear_no_evil:mailchimp, :books:upgrade to Bootstrap 4, :hammer: Bug fix, :running_man: Speed up site, :hospital: Ensure security of site etc. Would the be selling well. I need open opinion.
Alsi my gig isn’t showing in anywhere can anyone check what’s wrong with it https://■■■■■■/2PNufst.

Good choice,follow youtube videos related to your gig topic.Your gig choice is ok.

Thanks brother nyeemruet, I will definitely study more in youtube and Google to find out the best selling categories. By the way can you advice some more name of gig so I can continue my search elaborately.

Theme customization,facebook pixel integration,eCommerce,Landing page.

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