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Total Earning from Fiverr - Simply Show off - :)




I usually make between $1200 and $2500 a month on fiverr. I share this because I didn’t structure my gigs to accomplish this until I saw other people making it happen. Once you see that it is possible, you then can push in that direction. Fiverr has been great for me.


Reply to @landongrace: wow that is amazing congrats!


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Amazing …


I’ve made a total of $28. :-<

@landongrace That’s really amazing. Congratulations! Any tips for the newbies like me? :smiley:


@designsthatcare: Find something that you do really well. That not many people can do.

Find a gig that takes some time and effort to complete, otherwise it will be too easy and everyone will be doing it. There will be too much competition.

Even at $5.00 make sure every delivery is awesome and on time.

Communicate really well.

Strive to be the nicest person someone will use on Fiverr.

Provide unlimited revisions and easy mutual cancellations if the customer is not satisfied.

You need to build the time of revisions and potential cancellations into your pricing structure.

You want to have zero negative feedback!

When picking a gig, pick something that will be a frequent $25.00 sale with gig extras. You should be able to see what is already selling on Fiverr. When you start, offer that future $25.00 package for $5.00 for the first 100 delivery on a single gig. This will kick start your gig. After people see your product and service, you will be able to then move the prices to $25.00. this is a major time investment, but it is the major factor that got me off the ground. It is difficult to wrap your head around giving away $20.00 per gig for 100 gigs. That’s $2000? But after 18 months, it only amounts to a 5% discount for me overall. You need to invest in your new business. I didn’t have money to invest, but I had time.

This is the whiteboard gig I started with.

Revising Fiverr Levels: A Few Suggestions

@landongrace Thanks for the great advice. I’m into graphic design, though, but that’s a very crowded field. I’m still thinking of a niche. For now, I’m offering facebook covers and android feature graphics. Should I offer the mutual cancellations as part of my gig description as well?

I took your advice and offered three graphics for the price of one in my Facebook cover gig:

Hopefully that produces results.

I do want to do what you said for my other gig too, but I already had three sales at the standard pricing ( Wouldn’t it be unfair to my first three customers If I suddenly drop the price?

Thanks again for the advice! :slight_smile:


@designsthatcare: I think you need to look and see if after you have established the gig, will it bring in a high percentage of $15-$25 orders? This was a problem with my voice over gig. Even after it was established, I still got mostly $5.00 gigs. The market was saturated and there was alot of good people making $5.00 voiceovers.

But I am really fast with the podcast editing gig, so $5.00 for most of the jobs works well and every podcast client becomes a regular repeat client. They usually have weekly podcasts.

In the end will people need your combination of service. Would people pay for 3 facebook graphics. Is there a graphic need that people in the business category need? Like podcast images for each episode or blog post images?

Really study what people are needing not necessarily what you are already making.

I didn’t know what a whiteboard video was until I saw them selling on Fiverr. Yeah, I had alot of audio and video experience so the learning curve was short.

It would not be unfair for your prices to change. You will fluctuate pricing and delivery times to adapt to the market. The past clients may come back and buy more at the sale price. They probably loved your work.


$58,500 so far. Will break the 60k mark in June! Woot woot!


Reply to @landongrace: I am a bit thankful my Voiceover gig isn’t super popular because my average order for that gig is $15-$20 with some $80-$300 projects scattered throughout as well. However, doing 20 $5 voiceovers a day can be really monotonous. I already do enough for my featured gig. lol.

I will say, the money in voiceovers is very lucrative in larger projects and those have turned out to be my best ‘hourly rate’ projects here on Fiverr.

I totally agree with you on the communication. I have many templates copy/pasted that I use which helps time and conversations. My notepad is on overload with all of the time saving phrases and templates on deck… Recommend to all to use this method, especially if you are delivering nearly the same thing time after time.

As far as price changes, I never lower my value just to ‘make the market’. My values have actually increased and I’m averaging $12 per order while all the others in my subcat are scrambling for $5 orders by offering 5 shows for $5. They are saying that 60 seconds of airtime on their podcast is only worth $1 (actually 80 cents :))

I get $120-$150 per show and that used to be $30-$50 and less often. My next goal is $200-$250 per show, 5 shows/week and by next year this time, it will be.

My subcat is getting super saturated, but in my opinion, no one there does it better than I do. So while they try to keep up with me, I’m revolutionizing new ideas they will have to copy soon…haha!


Been using Fiverr for 6 months. There was one time where I made over $1000 in a month. But now I’m lucky to make $100-$200 a month. Thinking about letting my gigs die and focus more on elance instead.


Reply to @dtongsports: Thanks for taking the time to talk. I think you are exactly right. It is so important to be in the exact service that you excel in.

I agree with pricing, I don’t fluctuate prices. I think in the situation above, they need to discount in the beginning to quickly get sales and reviews. Instead of waiting months for the sales to slowly come in. Then slowly raise the price.

The podcast sponsorships are really awesome. It will be great to see those continue to grow. It’s all about the value that the customer receives, not about the time invested in the project.

Great to meet you. Great to check your gigs out!


I owe Fiverr 39 cents. LOL.


Reply to @mrproofreading: Yes it is. I vent my frustrations here but Fiverr has paved the way for my business and gave it the boost it needed. Keep up the great work!


Any more


$132 from 23 orders!

I have had 3 orders of 1000 Etsy favorites for $25, the rest have been $5 orders.

I have been selling for exactly 2 months.


Hit a landmark. 10k. it took me about 18 months and i am approaching it all in a relaxed way as it is not and never could be a viable main source of income. I like doing the work, buyers love it and it helps pay the bills without taking over my life. What’s not to like :wink:


Reply to @landongrace: Awesome…


Reply to @designsthatcare: Just hold on and Add more Gigs… Remember original idea sell better


Awesome … really inspiring