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Total of 900 impressions, just about 60 gig views, please help me improve my gig!


500 impressions 16 clicks, 25 views, on this gig:
Help me improve it!

201 impressions, 13 clicks, 14 views, on this gig:
Help me improve it!

225 impressions, 42 clicks, 47 views, on this gig:
Help me improve it!

I’ve so many impressions on these gigs, but very few views! Please give me tips for improvement! Thanks in advance!


First, check your grammar. There are a couple of mistakes that could be easily fixed and, overall, are not a big deal. But offering translation services with them won’t leave the best impression with the client.

You already have positive feedback from those that have worked with you before, so that’s a plus! Maybe try to upload more pictures to your gigs? Some even upload a video and that seems to get customers pretty fast.

Best of luck.


Good advice on the grammar - always important. I like the idea of creating a video, and shy though I am, I will create one for my gig offering. Thanks.