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Total of a Gig not delivered, what to do?

Am new at this, so I do apologize if I am in the wrong category.

So about a week ago I purchased my first gig which offered 1000 views, 100 like and 100 subscribers. I did receive over a 1000 views, 60 subscribers ( as of now, keeps fluctuating ) and NO likes. The reason for no likes or full subscribers was that I had the video in private mode. I disagreed and took a screenshot of the video setting showing that is was in public mode. The seller then apologized and said there was an error in his system and if I could please give him a chance. Off course, we are all humans and make mistakes. I gave him a chance, the subscribers did go up steadily but no likes. I contacted him 3 times confirming that the subscribers were in fact going up but still no likes. I had no response. This was now 3 days ago. Today I tried to contact him again and I get this message

""" For privacy reasons, this user may not be contacted directly “”""

So what is it that I should do now ?

Did I say this was my first gig ?

Regards to all


Hi Barchetta, sorry to hear about that. Did you leave a feedback on the order page? If not, I assume you will have an option to check the resolution center, where you might be able to send a request to fiverr support team.

Usually when you get that message it’s because the seller has been reported for some reason and is there to protect other buyers.

Alternatively you can contact the support team to get the issue solved.

Hope that works

If you cannot send him a private message, he has possibly been blocked by Fiverr for a violation. If the order is not posted complete, send a mutual cancellation request asking for him to complete the order or mutually cancel. If he doesn’t respond to the mutual cancellation, it will automatically mutually cancel in 2 days.