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Totally Curious: What's your review to completed ratio?

Hi all,

I recently saw a gig where someone was selling the secret to getting more reviews. I wasn’t aware that some sellers had problems in this department but I can actually see how it could be.

So what’s your review to completed ratio? As in, how many reviews do you have versus how many orders have you completed?

I’ve completed 213 orders and have 172 reviews. That’s about 81% of my orders ending in a review. What about everyone else?

Not bad… :slight_smile:
Total 599 Rated 472.

That’s not bad at all! I wonder what’s normal?

70% is normal. Everybody wants A+

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At my end its 76%. I do think that Raufnohani is right about the average.

I would advise against any action regarding getting more reviews from buyers. There are several reasons I won’t write right now behind that statement, but I think (and actually is what I do) that sellers should not interfiere in any way in the review process of buyers (like sending a reminder or asking for the review). However, I understand someone can disagree with my point of view of course.

Btw, I am on the average number, as I think veteran sellers are around here. It’s just stats, a math thing.

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I’m at 65% from over 3000 orders. I used to nicely encourage reviews in the beginning, but then found it makes no difference at all so I haven’t asked or mentioned in any way for over 2 years now - fiverr nags them enough to leave a review if they want to.

Some people review, some don’t - its all good.


60%, not that it matters.

One order complete one review


I notice that since it’s easier to give reviews, the numbers go up.

I agree. If a user is dead set against leaving a review, they just won’t. It doesn’t hurt your orders any. Others will and that’s that.

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Sounds like 100%! Welcome to Fiverr.

No, it definitely doesn’t. I think everyone here is just curious to see what the numbers look like

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Thanks for your wish,
But I’m really suffering

I got my first order in second day after I create account,

And now running 56 days but still no order.

I don’t know what’s wrong with me or with my gigs .

I have 83% rated orders… I used to worry about reviews when I started on Fiverr, but not anymore…

70% for me. I think this is the average number for most sellers.

87% …some buyer didn’t leave reviews, but just realized there is a ratio, never checked before.

My #1 focus is my daily income. I will admit that if having more buyers reviewed me meant a higher rating, I would definitely be for it. However, if a buyer doesn’t give me a review, I say “let sleeping dogs lie.” Why wake him up and get a bad review?

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