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Totally different skills set: separate gig?

Hello Fiverr folks.

I’ve been on Fiverr as a client for a few months, and now I’m giving it a shot to keep myself on track during these relatively slow months.
The thing is, I have totally different skills sets: on my main gig, I offer business consulting services, whereas the other one will be creation of music and sounds for short movies and video games. I can’t really be convincing on my business profile if my pic is that of a dude using his music equipment, but a guy in a necktie is not going to be really appealing in a creative environment.

What do you guys think? Is Fiverr going to question me if I create different accounts, with payments to be made on the same bank account?

Thanks in advance

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Hey man! Adam here, the music & audio vertical manager. It’s a tough dilemma, but from a policy standpoint you’re not allowed to create multiple accounts. As a musician, I see no problem in your picture in a suit - seems like a pro composer/sound designer too!

Looking forward to seeing your music gig. In the meantime if you have any music/audio related questions, check out the specific section in the forum for that!