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Totally disgusting website, I need my money

Alright, not sure how to word this.

Before I got into this website I was sure this was a great website, but after ordering myself and getting orders I want absolutely nothing to do with this website. I just want my money and leave.

Before even typing in my issue, I was reading the topics on here and someone said how they weren’t happy with being charged more than usual. As in, Fiverr used to charge $1 and now they’re charging more each payment. Now the response was in support of Fiverr saying “Fiverr isn’t forcing you to make an account” or "Fiverr only charges the buyer and not you “the seller”.

Well as someone that’s bought and sold I can tell you that FIVERR CHARGES BOTH THE SELLER AND BUYER.

I am a buyer, I buy something for $5 but I pay $7, the seller only gets $4. Do the math.
Now I know most websites like this has commissions, but having the buyer AND seller pay commisions is a scam. I’d rather just pay the $1 dollar as a seller than having my buyer pay.

That’s beside my point right now. MY REASON I AM HERE IS BECAUSE:

(Buyer probably had additional fees)
My first gig I was paid: $10 - I’m getting $8
Second gig: $15 - Getting $12
Third gig: $15 - Getting $12
Fourth gig: $15 - Getting $12

Please someone do the math.
Let me do it for you, that’s $44.

Someone tell me why it says I am pending $32 and my

Like what the ■■■■ is this bullshit? Despite the fact that they’re FORCING you to wait 14 days to get your money… I just want my money and OUT of this horrible website.

There is no scam.

For every order, Fiverr keeps 20% of the sale price, and the seller keeps the other 80%. So if a buyer places an order for $5, Fiverr keeps $1 (20%), and the remaining $4 (80%) goes to the seller. This is normal and fair. This is the commission structure on this site.

Fiverr also charges the buyer, and only the buyer, a $2 fee for every total order under $40. For all orders over $40, this fee is only 5% of the total price.

There is no scam in this, and everything is clearly listed within Fiverr’s Terms of Service:

Please be sure that you read the legal terms before you do business on any website. Reading and being familiar with the terms/rules is your responsibility.

This is also clearly listed within the TOS.

I’m sorry to hear that you are so frustrated, but you really do need to read the rules before buying/selling here. By doing so, you could have avoided all of your current frustration.


there are a lot sellers like me who are happy to give 20% to Fiverr on every sale. Even if I get an customer on social media or locally I prefer to to get the order on here.

It is not about the 20% they charge it is about the 80% I get with security and and smooth transaction.

Not sure about other country but In Australia I used to get paid every 15 days so I think it is fair that every time I complete a job here I get that after 15 days, without sending any reminder to anyone, they just magically show up in Fiverr balance and take 5 mins to get them into paypal.

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Paying 20% for a site that does all the payment processing, gives you messaging, notifications, and brings you clients is fair. I have experience as a seller more than a buyer.

You will definitely get 80% of the total.


Your fourth gig has not been marked as complete yet so it is not in pending clearance yet. That’s all.


Expected income: This is 80% of the orders in queue. It also include delivered orders that are yet to be reviewed.