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Totally i did send 38 Buyer requests


i did send 38 Buyer rquests. but i can’t take any single order


Your gig link needs fixing it’s redirecting people to the main page.

Drop :small_red_triangle_down:


You can edit your post by clicking on the :pencil2:.


Try to Send High Quality Offer for Clients. Then you win your Bid . :wink:


High Quality Offer means?



only 38? I thought it was 380. No one can guaranty that you’ll get order from Buyer request so keep patience and send buyer request regularly.


keep patience, you knock only one door but there have too many more doors, do social media marketing, maybe there has something special for you :hugs: :hugs:



It’s totally up to the variety of buyers who post the requests as to whom they buy gigs from. You may never get your gigs selected through answering buyer requests, but that is unlikely if you continue to submit. One day your custom request will be exactly what someone needs.You have to keep sending them. You may even become so busy that you don’t have time to send them anymore.

It is frustrating to not hear anything, but you have to keep trying, and also bring in customers from other places to your 5r gigs.

Good luck!


thank you. support :+1::thinking: