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Tottaly unfair


If you are negative rated by some buyer and you ask him for refound: “This order will be cancelled automatically in 2 days unless it’s declined or aborted.” After 2 days buyer will be refounded and negative rating stays.

Tottaly unfair!

The negative rating will be removed only if the buyer accepts the cancellation.

Reply to @catwriter: i aldery know that but if they forgot to accept cancellation they will be refound and rate stays … thats the problem.

I have to agree with @kjblynx. Taking responsibility for even the negative experiences is part of being in business. If a customer was unhappy – for whatever reason – learn from the experience and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

remember your here to make money and only way to make the money is to be nice to your customers treat them like king xD it works

i use the words




dont say hi pal , hi bro , hi dood , hi username , if you say boss watch them flap there wings xD

you just need to get your self back up the ladder again it happen to me , there is no use crying about it , just work more and get that rep back

buyers look at your rating & feedback

more rating you have and less bad feed backs more chance you having more orders and clients giving you good feedback and 5 star

MichellTech Sing’s: Don’t fear The Cancel Button…!



I do not agree with kjblynx, this is a Micro-Marketplace, Not a VS, RT or Corp Center MP. It;s designed around ratings and micro-glam its the lifeblood but what would I know…

Skydiver: Don’t fear The Cancel Button and Avoid Bad Rating whenever possible, regardless of your fault or not, you can learn from them without having to bash your rating to do so, because cancel and giving the refund, is your penalty of choice over the lessor rating, so don’t believe the hype…

However, Don’t forget working with the client to earn the Score, is a subproc for bad rating or cancel… Example…

"Hey Sir/Mam what can I do to earn your 5 star rating and pos rev, I’m here to help in anyway I can please consider granting me the option to make this experience a positive one for you."

I also offer coupons and specials if someone gets twisted on something which I haven’t had happen but a couple times, and was handled easily, it’s effective…


UPDATE: The more I look at what you wrote Skydiver, the more I think you are talking about the functionality of the system and not given the option to work it out with the client who doesn’t respond due to the system process func, yes or no?

If yes: yeah its based around buyer protection of course.

If no: excuse the update, refer to above statements I made.

Out of all my sales, my average gig cost is around $25 at 60%, 10% 50+ &/other introductory window snatcher $5 base…So if a person is dancing on your head over a $5 base introductory to the principle option and power of the actual offer/gig…Cancel cancel cancel… Base is Base, offer intent should be relevant as your priority, I assure you it’s fiverr’s.

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Reply to @kjblynx: I appoligize but you “record a voice” how can you even be negative rated ?

How this is fair? The buyer gets the money back get the work you done and all you got is a negative review.

Reply to @cleber_rodr1: Buyers who get a refund can’t legally use your work.