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Today marks my fifth week at the new job, and I managed to come up with something that impressed the bosses. We have a program in which we take payments, and while the regular weekly payments were set up, they didn’t account for shorter weeks. I sat there one night (after figuring out how to send invoices for the regular week) trying to figure out how to do shorter payment invoices. And then, as if a light switched on, I figured it out. I was rather impressed with myself - I just created new templates for both weeks.

Now, I see payments rolling in and feel awesome that I managed to figure out the system. Now, if I could just do other things my job entails, I’d be golden. I did manage to get the office organized, so there is a plus there. I also called in subs to work this week (though the help also came in with a teacher who knew someone).

On top of that, I’m still working on Fiverr. While it’s mostly the weekends I am working, I still work in the early morning hours. I get to the gym (when I want) before work, make supper and get the house picked up before going to work. I even help the little one with homework.

Life is just going good right now. I’m ecstatic about how things are going, but I wanted to check in with y’all to let you know I was still alive and kicking. Though the Fiverr work is much less than it used to be - they are bigger orders from repeat clients, I really do not mind. Granted, it would be nice if I had some new clients but Fiverr apparently thinks my gig isn’t worthy of being the first few pages of it. C’est la vie! It is what it is.

Thank you, everyone, for the encouraging words y’all have given. Take care.


That is a wonderful thing that you have come up with. :slightly_smiling_face:

Great job on all those sales

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Good to hear you’re doing great, and working just or mainly with repeat customers should mean it’s more relaxing psychologically, might just be the right thing anyway if you usually do your Fiverr gigs on the weekend.


Great Progress. 20 chars

Already! It does not seem that long.

We have a program that takes care of that. I love it. I can go to the site and see what jobs are available and sign up for the ones I want.

You do too!