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Tough Newbie buyers

As great as Fiverr has been for me since 4 years ago for the first time I had a tough buyer who is a newbie to fiverr I worked really hard on their project and delivered top quality artwork and It just didn’t cut it with them despite them being rude I insisted on helping him get the best out of it and did plenty revisions
to almost a point it is flawless anyway buyer still cancelled I DECLINED but fiverr cancelled for them. I feel I as a hard working artist I have been left out to dry with no protection or compensation. More protection for time spent by the artist should be looked upon just my suggestion Thank you


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u should knock fiverr support…

Yes. I agree.
No matter how hard we work and deliver the perfect result, it’s mean nothing if we got a bad newbie buyer. But still, this post can help :

Best regards,
Ridwan Sugi

I most certainly did just before I posted and no response yet

Thank you will have a look at that