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Tough or Friendly?


I really like what I do and consider it a fun game that’s why I treat my clients in a friendly way, not sure if it’s right or not?
Apart from being professional, do we have to be serious and tough?


It all depends on your personality. My point of view is that you should be firm but polite. Especially when you are aware that the client gives you ideas and instructions that aren’t appropriate for the task that you should do.

The same goes when the project ends up in too many revisions and the client doesn’t want to pay for them. :wink:

Here is a dramatized example that is based on my experience:

Client: Hey Propin1, you made an amazing logo for my hair transplant clinic. My team loves it, can you please use comic sans as we don’t like this modern font that you used.

Propin1: Hello Client, I am glad that you like the logo.

Don’t forget that, as a hair transplant clinic, your clients will be people aged 45 and beyond. In order for the logo to resonate with those people, we need to use stronger and more conservative fonts. I will strongly advise against Comic Sans for two reasons:

  1. It is a font that’s associated with low quality and bad design.
  2. It is made to be used in Comics or in products that target the youngest audiences.

That being said, I don’t mind if you are tied to the idea of using Comic Sans. I just wanted to let you know that there are other fonts that will resonate better with your audiences.

Let me know if you have any other questions. I will be happy to discuss more regarding the font options - and send you a few examples of fonts that work better.


Client (In 99% of the cases): I didn’t know that. Thank you for explaining and I understand. At second glance, I think you are right about the font choice! Let’s try something that will resonate better with my audiences.

Clint in (1% of the cases): I insist on comic sans, that’s my favorite font…

In 1% of the cases, you have to let it go - and do what they want.

However, remember you should never be over-friendly - and use the words “Dear”, “Brother”, “Bro”, “Man” and similar. Clients tend to find that weird.

Don’t be strongman and impolite, that will leave bad impressions and clients will avoid you in the future.

The right word is like I sad at the beginning, you should firm but polite.


Lots of too helpful ideas in your response, I appreciate it, thanks for the advice and your time :pray:

Be yourself in my opinion, if you are chill guy don’t appear as burned out lawyer. I made that mistake when I started doing Fiverr, I got profile pic in a suit and talked like a professor while im just 18 year old guy that likes to create websites :smiley:

Friendly but professional is my default approach to dealing with clients.

There are times, such as in the event of a complaint, when you have to be serious.

There are also times, such as in the event of someone trying to scam you, when you need to be tough.

It all depends on the situation.

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When someone tries to scam you, it’s evident right away. Just quote the ToS, quote your terms and contact CS if necessary. You don’t need to get into arguments with those people.