Tough time


very tough time on fiverr for newbies, why buyers not give chance to newbies???, thats activity loose hope of newbies…


Fiverr gives a lot of opportunities to newbies. Stop whining and take advantage of them.


I can’t believe how many people whine about this when they don’t even take the time to create a remotely enticing profile or gig page.

If you want to sell, try and sell yourself. Spruce everything up, make yourself stand out. As it stands, I can’t even figure out what you are selling.


You have to advertise as much as possible and utilize the tools Fiverr provides for newbies like us. Most importantly, you have to be patient. Do what you can to make your gig more visible and attractive. Read the forums and try to learn as much as you can. There are plenty of threads that offer advice on the very subject you keep bringing up.


thanks foxxymoron.


thanks to all i will Follow your tips…


I see newcomers who have close to 100 reviews after only three months.


@misscrystal: but get zero order…


thanks kjblynx…