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Tough to Rank Gigs

Why it is tough to rank up the new gig ? Even if you are a level one seller. Your new gigs won’t have any benefit from your Level. Why ???

It is supposed to be tough to “rank up gigs”, because you are competing against other sellers to earn a good placement in the search results. Not everyone can be at the top of the search rankings, therefore, everyone must complete for their desired visibility.

You have to earn your success. This is why there are seller levels, success requirements, and a search ranking system. The better you are as a seller, the more likely it will be that you are seen near the top of your keyword search results.

You don’t deserve things just because you have services listed on Fiverr, you have to earn your success, just like everyone else. That’s how business works.


There may be hundreds or even thousands of Level One sellers. Maybe even thousands. They can’t all rank well.

Also, your level is only one of many factors that play a role in rankings.


It needs a lot of patience.

Yes. I agree. Includes a lot of efforts and patience.