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(Tought?) SEO question

There are sellers here who share their profile and URL and “hidden” profiles on Forums.

Those who share their URLs get clicks easily once you visit their profile from Fiverr Forum.

Those who have their profile “hidden”: You have to manually copy/paste on google search engine and find them and click from there.

Are those clicks coming from Google, instead of forums, more “valued” by Fiverr ranking?


Internal clicks from the Forum mean nothing to SEO.

The same goes for the myth of marking Gigs/profiles as favourites.

Don’t fall for that bunk as it’s an attempt to game the system.


Ah, and I always thought everyone does that like I do, and just copy/pastes their username behind the bit in their already open main site tab if they don’t provide a link. Always something new to learn on the forum, isn’t there.

Else, well, I guess it will help if that someone who clicks your profile will actually buy, else, I don’t think there is a value, might even do harm if they end up spamming you and hurt your conversion rate.


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Clicks through from the forum from people who are not interested in buying are unlikely to have any effect whatsoever but if they did it would be negative.

Clicks through from Google after searching is also unlikely to have any effect. Google SEO wont really help if people are searching for your Fiverr name as it’s likely you will already rank highly for that.

There’s no evidence to suggest Fiverr values clicks from the forum or from Google in any way. However, if it did resemble Google’s way of user action based ranking, lots of non buying visitors to the profile/gig would be negative actions.
Overall, it’s unlikely to affect in any way, if anything it would be negative unless people start buying en masse.


Not a first year bachelor’s so beware


Thank you. I’ll find it if there is asking outside the Fiverr forum too.

I don’t know about their super secret traffic gaining methods, but now that I read your comment I recall this seller who kept saying levels do not matter. :wink:

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I had my link activated in the fiverr forum … but I think that causes me problems from scammers and desperate sellers who wanted me to give them a job, that’s why I hid the profile here … but I am 100% on google :wink: