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Toxic and bargaining buyers

Raise your prices is the best advice.

Thank you and all the others for the advice. I thought of giving it a go, but, as I’ve previously explained, for some basic services that I offer, I feel those should remain at $5, maybe will do that in the future.

So no price point is safe.

Spot on. Once you raise your prices, and I’ve experienced this, not only those old buyers (expected) would demand more, but the new ones as well.

On a side note, I’ve also experienced the increase in those buyers who’ll order my gig without reading the price and will just place the order paying let’s say $10 for the $50 work. Most of the time they do agree to modify the scope, but still, it’s something that’s taking your time as a seller. For those who don’t want to pay the price you give them, you have to cancel the order…

That brings us to defining “more”. More quantity vs more quality. A KIA and a BMW are both 4 wheeled cars that can get you to work, so they should cost the same, right?

Right now you can get 300 word VO for $5 from some sellers or 25 words for $25. Which one is more? Listen to the samples and that is a real conversation.


That brings us to defining “more”. More quantity vs more quality.

When it comes to bargaining buyers, they usually want more in terms of quantity. Qualitative aspects of the work are usually underestimated.

Though, it does depend on the service itself. Buyers tend to seek more in terms of quantity for categories such as writing, translation, proofreading, etc. They tend to be a bit more focused on the content itself for video and photo editing, audio editing, software development, etc.

Their perspective (which I don’t condone) is somewhat understandable when you have in mind they’ll try to get more value than they pay. Having a longer video, more photos, etc. won’t necessarily (won’t at all really if the content is garbage) improve what they get, but having an article with more words, translations etc. is something they look with a higher regard.

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Yes, and then you see all these writings and translations that are simply garbage… totally useless! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Great observation. The minute someone tries to bargain with me, I tell them that I am not the right seller for them. A sure sign of trouble. Run, run fast, run far.


And that’s why you provide them with that level of value. :wink:


And what happens when the buyer doesn’t see it that way? Just because you think you’re providing the best doesn’t mean the buyer agrees.

I know you were replying to Professor Baas, @jonbaas but I just wanted to interject that you seem so pessimistic about every possible outcome. Perhaps if you just delivered your very best and dealt with any issues if, and when they arise. The possibility that 1 in 500 may be a problem should not stop you from charging ahead with a winning attitude.

You seem very worried and unhappy. You can make it as great as you want.

Be thankful for what you got
Diamond in the back, sun roof top
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With a Gangsta lean.


I’m not pessimistic, I’m realistic.

Positive thinking and winning attitudes don’t accomplish anything. A widget is a widget, the attitude of the creator is unimportant, has no bearing. If I go to a Holiday Inn, and the concierge is friendly but the room is dirty, then what good did his friendliness do?

Maybe in your world, thinking you’re great makes you great. In my world, it doesn’t. I’m not saying people should be insecure, they should simply be REALISTIC.

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I am so sorry for you. You are your own worst enemy.


Man, this has been a great thread, especially for this newbie. :smile: I’m studying up on how to price my gig and what to expect, so thx for sharing your experience and thoughts!

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Thank you! I’m glad my experience (and of those who replied) could be helpful to you.

@ fastcopywriter vs newsmike discussion, though it’s off-topic, I want to give my opinion.

I agree with both on certain points. I think fastcopywriter is right in saying that your best output, and it might also be THE best one can find, doesn’t necessarily mean the buyer will have the same feelings about it. I’ve sometimes had to downgrade my designs to meet buyer’s expectations.

Now, I’m somewhere in between on your two standpoints regarding realism vs positive thinking. I try to combine those two as much as possible because those are NOT mutually exclusive sentiments. You can be a realist and still think positively, but it’s best to point out things as they’re. Thinking positively won’t produce the results itself, but it can be a significant component of creating a great work.

So, let’s say we have someone who knows nothing about programming, has mediocre skills, etc., and has a positive attitude. I’d reckon this fictional person wouldn’t be able to deliver. So, positive thinking itself, not going to produce something with inadequate skills - it’s great for your self-esteem, but sometimes you need that rough parts and realistic point of view to improve yourself, your skills, etc.


Positive thinking and winning attitudes don’t accomplish anything. A widget is a widget, the attitude of the creator is unimportant, has no bearing.

The positive seller could stand up for their work and explain why it will be beneficial for the buyer (where necessary) or basically why it’s a good product (without boasting - basically saying it in a professional manner). They could explain things technically if necessary. All this could give the buyer confidence in what they’ve bought, and that they’ve bought the right thing/one of the best things etc. Maybe the positive seller would also offer more support on their product/info on how to use it in the best way where necessary (ie. more helpful support than a regular seller). That could lead to further orders and more satisfied customers.

One of the reasons famous but more expensive brands often do well is because of the attitude of the creators (in promoting their products etc.).

I believe that in addition to being positive, it was assumed that one has the appropriate amount of talent to be selling in a competitive marketplace as a given. If not, then that is a different discussion centering around why they would be here at all.