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Toxic buyer : blocking and then?

Hi everyone,

I stumbled today on a very toxic potential buyer: rude, disrespectful and bossy. And of course : no review on his/her profile. I politely suggested the buyer to check another seller for his project and blocked him.

My question is : How will it appear on their end ? Will they be notified that I cannot be longer reached ?

I am concerned that some people might be toxic to the point of creating a brand new account, placing a fake order and dropping a 1 star review as a revenge for their frustration.



Don’t worry cut them asap, don’t waste time trying to be polite when other side is not. Cool avatar btw


Thanks !

Well I made this post because I was actually concerned about potential backfire :confused:

Hi there , yes he will see that you can’t be contacted from his account , also it’s against the TOS to have multiple accounts so if you suspect someone to have more than one account you can ask support perhaps to check that .

If he didn’t placed an order you don’t own him anything , no worries … avoid working with suspicious users.

It’s actually a great idea to be polite even when the other user isn’t


I would even say especially when the other user isn’t. Atleast when it comes to work.
If there will be a conflict escalating to CS, standing your ground while being overly polite with a rude buyer might give you extra points.


Broke: being impolite to stand your ground.
Joke: being polite because you’re afraid.
Woke: being polite, and then blocking anyways. :hugs:


Whenever you feel some buyer goona create trouble for you and your business try to avoid before its too late

For me it is a no brainer to remain polite and cold headed in any situation as a seller. Basic 101 : how to do business ?

I don’t think it’s true for buyers. Or it is technically true but fiverr doesn’t enforce it. If there’ll be any repercussions in this case, it’ll be for trying to circumvent the block, not for having multiple accounts.

This can happen. It happened to me once and around account 6 fiverr told me the person won’t be bothering me again and whatever they did, the situation was solved. The previous 5 accounts were just banned and that exceptional individual would just create another one and come back.

The good news is that if the buyer is that disturbed, they won’t be able to pretend they’re someone else up to the point when it’s time to leave a review. They’ll either tell you who they are or you’ll be able to deduce it yourself from their unique communication style.

Wow that sound like a nightmare … Did the team remove the bad reviews (if your situation was involving bad reviews) ?

It didn’t get to reviews. The person would just place blank orders (no requirements, nothing) while telling me they’ll make me work with them. All of the orders were cancelled by CS without it affecting my stats.

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