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Toxic Buyer (Ilegal activities?)

Hello, I will tell you my experience with my first buyer.

This buyer is 18 years old from Morocco, he lives in france, he has been pressing the seller the entire day, I submitted the logo, I asked if logo was completed and he said yes however when i click delivered he would ask for revisions.

Then I also designed the entire store with a premium theme worth 200$, I configured shipping, i created a video, I searched for the product, store name, shopify creation and Configuration and the buyer wanted me to transfer the store to him, since he is my first buyer i accepted.

After that he blackmailed me saying he would dispute both orders if i didnt get him the payments correctly, which i did set them up for him but Shopify is revising as usual, after revision he was still pressuring me to get credit card payments fast so i created a stripe account and verified it for him.

He said once i did this he would accept both orders, well once i sent him the stripe account, talked to shopify support so they verified shopify payments faster and transferred the store he told me to cancel the order.

After a whole day of my work, responding every hour to his messages, pressuring all the time, blackmailing etc… he just says i didnt deliver.

There is proof of everything in the chat, i have proof of site transfer, design, logo, videos, stripe account, everything.

I recommend you investigate this buyer, he can affect the mental health of another new seller and affect the entire rating, i was lucky im used to it but watch out.

Also the job he needed looked a bit ilegal.

After submitting the dispute this kid started sending me messages, comments like “you are a bad person”, apparently he didnt need the dropshipping store, all he needed was shopify to accept his payment, which means he knew from the beginning he would dispute my order or i would end up cancelling, so i did all the work for nothing.

Now you are probably wondering why i think its ilgeal what he wants to do, he lives in france. He can use stripe without being a business, he can collect payments without any problem, he can also use shopify payments, the real thing is that once payments start coming in they ask for more details, and since he is laundering money he cant add any info.

Im preatty mad about the result of my first buyer, I hope if one day i get another order it isnt like this.


You cannot call out users on the forum, you should edit your post so that we cannot identify the buyer you are talking about, or you might run into unnecessary troubles !

Also, in my opinion, adding the nationality of the person you are having trouble with does not bring anything essential to the conversation nor the resolution of your problem. It even sound a little bit racist, to be honest.


Set boundaries! You gave an inch so the buyer decided it was okay to walk all over you. Then instead of standing your ground, you allowed him to take another inch (and you kept giving). Don’t be a push-over! Send proof to CS that you completed everything that was asked for.


I’m sorry this happened to you but there were big warning signs. What he asked you to do should be a purchase of thousands of dollars, not $200.

Second, you complied when he asked you to do work that was outside of your scope. He not only went out of scope but he threatened you when he did that. No one who does this kind of thing turns out to be a decent person.

We’re just buyers and sellers and can’t help you. The forum isn’t customer service.


Hi, thanks for your response. If he had been from Canada for example I would had said the same, the fact that it’s Morocco makes it sound racist? Or is it the fact that he just wanted a verified payment system instead of a store design which is what he originally wanted ?

Maybe is it that he could get any payment provider verified with his ID however he wanted me to verify it with my business instead?

Thanks for letting me know I should blur the user, totally forgot.

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The country is irrelevant. There are scammers everywhere.

Use a person’s actions to assert if they are credible, not their country. You had more than enough to show you he wasn’t.

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Creating a shopify dropshipping store from someone experienced doesn’t take more than 3h, 170$ for everything is a pretty competitive price.

He was my first buyer, you would have cancelled if he told you to transfer it just to check if payments worked? I’d never imagine a buyer would do such thing. I even talked with him for a while before he purchased, everything looked pretty good for me, I’m not new to this

Anyways, i learned the hard way, thanks for your response

Hi! Thanks for your response, ill try reaching Cs tomorrow, a chargeback for this scammer would be good.

Not quite sure if fiverr cs reaches this limits, if they read the chat they will see everything I said is true so a chargeback would be more than deserved for the buyer.

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Had you said Canada, we’d have said the same. Just delete the country names from your post. It won’t hurt you.

And regarding your issue: Has he placed an order at all? How many orders does it show on your dashboard?

Off topic

P.S. How do you verify a stripe account for someone else?

Yes, first one for the store design, payments, shopping config, theme etc… 145$, then logo design vectorized, 3 samples 25$.

So this where my first 2 account orders.

Hope my account impressions dont get affected by my cancelations

I’m including all the out of scope stuff you did. You said yourself it was a whole day of work.

So it’s a three hour job and you agreed to do what another 6 hours of work unpaid to do all the out of scope stuff? Do you really think someone who expects you to do that is NOT going to be a scammer?

He threatened you to do this extra out of scope work, for goodness sake. Open your eyes. It was clear from very early on that he was a scammer.

No one who threatens you to get you to do extra work unpaid is going to be anything but a scammer.

It’s utterly pointless to argue with what I’m saying to you unless you want to get scammed again.

This is what predators do. You made yourself prey.

Have you delivered the order on Fiverr?

If not, then do so!

If yes, then write to CS with proof of everything that you have done… as well as screenshots of the threats from the buyer. And hope they decide in your favor. They do sometimes.

Good luck.

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The fact that you start your post by highlighting someone’s nationality will only achieve to spread a bad image on the people with this nationality. Which is absolutely unfair for all the fair, excellent and irreproachable users with that nationality.

Ask yourself this question : is mentioning the nationality of someone doing something wrong to you will help you in ANYWAY to solve your issue ? Same goes for age, I mean … if they are 18 or 80 won’t bring anything constructive to the resolution of your issue.

The reason why I tackle this topic only is because I stop reading at your experience because it started so wrongly that it discredits you big times.


Mrs, I’m not new to this, i own and a big e-commerce, i know when to identify a scammer and I’m telling you this didn’t look like a scammer at all.

If I say I invested all day is because exaggerating with this things can always be good. I might have invested 4h withing talking and working.

He didn’t tell me to work anything extra, i had to transfer the site because shopify development stores doesn’t allow real test orders so since it was included in didn’t have any other option, it was until the end that he threaten to cancel if I didn’t get him the payments thing, what did you want me to do? Just cancel after all the work or create a verified stripe acc and see if he would finally accept it all.

Not quite sure what you are trying to say here, that I’m slow or something and I didn’t identify a scammer from the begging? Its a FIRST ORDER, i obviously have to behave better in all aspects, so I have to be willing to do more.

I’m from spain btw that’s why my English ain’t great

Anyways not gonna continue replying to this response. Thanks anyways for trying to help me

Obviously that isn’t my point. I’ll spell it out for you: you should have declined to do extra work for free.

Goodness, no, being a new seller doesn’t mean you need to do 6 extra hours of work unpaid if a buyer threatens you. That isn’t being “good.” That’s being a pushover who rewarded predatory behaviour.

I’m honestly sad for you that you think being a good new seller means letting people threaten you into doing many hours of extra work.

Correction, I wrote buyer when I mean new seller. I have corrected this.

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It’s an important part to mention where the buyer is from so you can understand payment processor is accepted in that county, also for residents in france with other nationalities.

You think someone reading this will think people from this county are like this or something like that? We definitely have different points of views toward nationalities, i don’t give it importance and apparently you care enough to stop reading such interesting topic haha jk. Saying buyer age can also be good for people understanding, maybe others had similar experiences with younger lads more than adults

Wait a second, so did you verify his payment provider with the details and information of your own business?


Yep so that’s what he wanted me to do but I just created a particular stripe account with the details be provided me, which are address, a wired name and a pnumber

That’s not a reason to do something.

You and your information are now responsible and at risk, plus you breached the ToS.

If he told you to jump off a bridge would you do that, too?

It’s HIS business so it makes zero sense for you to use your accounts and information.

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His gig title says this gig is “high converting” which you can’t promise as that depends on what is being sold and to whom. It’s false advertising.

In any case, promises like “high converting” attract scammers and deflect legitimate buyers because they know that is not a promise someone can make. It’s conditional upon factors.